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EARS Financial Safe Money Radio Show

Tune in Saturday mornings
11:00am   -   11:30am
Radio One - FM 99.9
Easy Listening with Easy Al
EARS FS offers SAFE money investing with GUARANTEED predictable outcome.  Never lose money o the markets again, GUARANTEED!!!
EARS FS philosophy:  "Don't be GREEDY, be PATIENT"!!!
FREE reports are offered each week to every listener. The reports are geared to helping you achieve your Life's Financial DREAMS and GOALS!
Right Here, Right Now!
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Al Hall is President and CEO of EARS Financial Services
Office location:  2140 Holbrook
                        Hamtramck, MI 48212
                         313 877 8330


At EARS Financial Services, we believe, "Dreams Can and Do Come True"! However, you must have some type of guideline or map to follow as you journey to your, "Dream Destinations". How can you determine where you're going, if you have no idea where you currently are?
View a five minute presentation at to learn about the power and simplicity of Deam Ware. This falls right in line with our (KISS) philosophy, Keep It Safe and Simple!" This five minute presentation can change your life, forever!
Dream Ware a powerful new tool........

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Detroit's Finest Dance Connection
2140 Holbrook
Hamtramck, MI 48212
313 877 8330